Make Your Favorite High-Heeled Shoes Last Longer

Most women have shared the sorrowful experience of having to part with a favorite, perfect "go with everything I own, and comfortable, too" pair of high-heeled shoes when they wear out. Somehow, replacements never quite satisfy.
What if you could double the lifetime of those favorite shoes?

And what if it only cost you a fraction of the cost of the original purchase price?

Most often, shoes wear faster when they are exposed to friction with concrete surfaces. Some women reduce wear on their shoes for office attire by wearing walking shoes to work, then changing into more fashionable shoes for work. If this turns you off because it is not aesthetically appealing, there are other ways to make your shoes last longer.

Like most things in life, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you just purchased the most comfortable, most stylish high heeled shoes that your heart could ever desire, stop now and do not wear them until you have taken them to your local shoe repairman. Consider having a reinforced sole put on right way. A full, rubber soled bottom may extend the life of your shoes by many months, or even years.

A half rubber sole is even less noticeable, and although it provides a little less protection that a full rubber sole, it will extend the life of your shoes and provide the added benefit of enhancing traction on slippery surfaces, such as wet pavement. Rubber soles do come in different colors, including black and clear, so make sure that you ask what is available.

If you've already worn down the heel tips on your favorite shoes, take a close look at them. If the heel tip is the only part of the shoe that shows wear, take your shoes in and have new heel tips installed to replace the old ones. This does not cost very much (as little as $5), and will significantly extend the life of the heels. If you've worn into the stem of the heel, then you will need to take in the shoes to see whether repair is possible.

If the original leather soles have worn down, they can be replaced. If the original leather soles start to have more "give", feel "spongy", or seem to be wearing thin, then it is time to consider having them resoled. According to the Shoe Service Institute of America, "quality women's shoes can be resoled three to five times." Sometimes, even leather uppers can be reconditioned.

While the prices vary depending on your geographic location, no matter where you are, the prices for shoe repairs are only a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new pair of shoes. More importantly, shoe repair shops can help you keep your favorites for years longer.

Not only can a shoe repair shop deal with the soles, but there are many other repairs available. Broken strap? Not to worry. Most shoe repair shops can make this repair, by re-stitching or gluing. In fact, once you locate an established shoe repair shop in your area, you may be surprised to discover just how reasonable the rates are for a variety of services.

These include such services as belt shortening, zipper repair, repairing stitching on purses, and luggage repair. So seek out the shoe repair service in your area, and save yourself time and money - and keep your favorite high heeled shoes longer, because let's face it - a great pair of shoes is irreplaceable.

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