Is It Socially Acceptable to Wear Socks with Moccasins?

We, as human beings, have to follow certain rules, regulations, customs, and norms. Some of them might be a bit unnecessary, but for the sake of the society we are a part of, we keep quiet and continue on with what is acceptable. Shoes such as loafers have some norms surrounding them, as well.

Many might question whether it is acceptable to wear socks with a moccasin. This question arises as we do not really see that many people wearing socks with them.

Also, most people want to dress better. Therefore, they do not want to make silly mistakes in pairing up their attire.

Today we are going to address this topic. Let’s get to know if it’s socially acceptable to wear socks with men's moccasins.

Are Socks Commonly Worn with Moccasins?

Loafers or moccasins are low shoes, and when you wear them, most of your ankle is revealed, so if you were to wear a pair of socks, then it would be easily visible. If it weren’t visible, then the question regarding its acceptability would not have been a case in point here.


In a formal setting, both men and women do not often pain their loafers up with socks. People mostly tend not to show their socks when they are in a meeting or a work event, but with loafers hiding, it is not really an option.

So, in cases as such, it is rather better to hold back on the socks. But if you do really want to wear one, then you can get the ankle-length ones that can barely be seen over the top of your shoe.

However, in a more casual setting, there is no real need to follow a protocol as the one we mentioned before. You can most definitely wear socks with your moccasins. It is perfectly normal.

However, if you do decide to wear the loafers with khakis or shorts, then you could opt for ditching the socks as they might not look appealing at all with your attire.

How to Style Socks with Moccasins?

Now, most of the time, visible socks are not the best way to dress when you are at work, but there are ways you can actually make it look good. That way, you do not really have to worry about whether it is okay to wear them or not.



It has become a common trend nowadays to contrast the items we wear, the same can be done with the loafers and socks. By contrast, I don't really mean wearing bright pink socks with mustard loafers. Rather, you could pain black socks with tan shoes or brown socks with black loafers.

Not only will people readily accept them, but you will also be lifting up your outfit by a few notches.

Wear with Warm Socks

A very good way you can incorporate socks into your look when you wear loafers is grabbing something warm. Make sure they feel as well as look worm, this will add some comfort to your look, and it will overall look much better with your outfit at work.

For this trick, you should reach for some of the richer and darker colors. This will create a complete balance in your outfit.

Magic of Some Color

Monochromes have become very popular these days, and more people are getting on the trend as we speak. That’s not it; people are also opting to add a splash of color that takes their attire to a whole new level.

That is where you work some bright and colorful socks. You can have an all-black outfit and put on a red, maroon, or mustard sock underneath your loafers. This is a great way to look sharp and trendy. But this might not be right for all social gatherings as it is not the most formal wear.


Mix and Match

Well, if monochrome is not really your style, then there is no need to worry. You could also throw in some different colored items and make that into an outfit. Also, your jacket, shirt, pant, socks, and loafers do not have to match. You can mix some things up a bit.

Then again, there are many ways to actually end up with a not-so-good outfit, so try to do a bit of research and see which colors look good together.

Printed Socks

We wouldn't want to be wearing our printed, comfortable socks to work. But I'm not talking about the socks with cartoons printed on them; they belong in our homes. What I'm referring to are the pinstripe socks or the checkered ones. They are most definitely workplace-appropriate.

You can very easily work them into your outfit. These, with your loafers, will look just fine. The print will add some extra character to your clothes, and that might make you look better, fashionable as well as sharp.

Pair Them up with Blues

Historically, black or grey suits have been worn more commonly than any other color. But, the color blue has made its way into our hearts, and we see many people wearing blue suits. And this is most definitely something you can pair your loafers up with.


In this era, it has become very important to make good impressions and our clothes play a very big part in that. Even though in most formal cases, socks with loafers are a big no-no, but the tricks can help you incorporate them into your look.

Dr. Shoeta

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