Do Moccasins Make Good Walking Shoes? Why or Why Not?

This form of footwear was commonly worn by North American hunters and natives. It wasn’t uncommon to see a hunter adorning their moccasins with embroideries and beadings even back then. Common to disbelief, it is still popular to date. But hence, the question arises, why is it popular?

Is it a good walking shoe? If so, why is it? What makes it a good walking shoe?

Clearly, there are better alternatives out there in this modern time. You have amazing cushioned and comforting footwear with ergonomic designs. Yet, people, often at times, prefer wearing the moccasins over the others.

Hence, today, we will discuss if the mocs are good walking shoes or not. But, to do that, however, we will need first to understand their features and functionalities.

What Are Moccasins?

These leather slippers have survived the designs of modern-day and withstood thousands of generations of ergonomic designs. But, prior to our knowledge, one of the things it has gone through is development.


Designs have changed over the years, and certain adaptations have been made. But initially, the concept of these shoes was fundamentally simple.

Made out of deer and animal hide, the moccasins simply need to be slipped onto your feet. They have to be stitched together by the sides to keep them in place. Heels were never a part of its initial design.

Beads and embroideries were also commonly used for the sake of fashion. Especially since most of it is stitched with a one-piece leather, there isn’t much room for design creativity. People, however, have still found ways to express themselves. Creating unique ways to stitch the skin on the outside with patterns and flashy additives.


  • Strengthens leg muscles
  • Soft-soled mocs can be light and flexible
  • Can be slipped on; does not need to be tied
  • Can be made at home


  • Mocs are not ideal for damp weather
  • Does not have additional foot support
  • Not ideal for those with foot issues

Do Moccasins Make Good Walking Shoes? Why or Why Not?

The answer is always an easy yes. It is because mocs are amazingly comfortable to wear. They can give therapeutic relief to most people, and can also be worn to almost any occasion.


Not forgetting to mention that some of the best moccasins on the market have mind-boggling fashion styles and designs. Hence, with many designs to choose from, it's only natural for people to flock towards it more, regardless of its contrasting features.

A Few Drawbacks

However, with a lot of pros, comes a series of cons. Let’s get to know them as well.

No Heel

The mocs can be of many types and kinds, with each made with unique leather and design. However, one common design amongst all of them is their nonexistent heel.

Made strictly with leather, these flat shoes do not have a heel, which some might find particularly annoying. This also adds to the fact that soft-sole mocs are an absolute disaster to wear during the rainy season. They aren’t made with adequate grip, and rainwater will mostly definitely seep through its surface.

Suede mocs are also a great example of this case. These moccasins act like a sponge. Absorbing almost any fluid that gets in its way, it can be an absolute disaster to wear during damp weather conditions.

However, smoother and harder leather-made products tend to repel water a bit better. Nonetheless, they too, will eventually succumb to the weather and deteriorate over time.

Not Ideal for Wet Conditions

Sometimes, soggy mocs can become irreparable. Becoming prone to water stains and such, it is not particularly ideal for wet weather conditions. Also, this can greatly decrease its lifespan and usability.


Moccasins can obviously make for a good walking shoe strictly for its comfortability and simplicity.

But regardless of what we choose to tell you, perhaps you should be the one to judge it yourself. Buy or make your own pair and go out for a stroll and decide for yourself.

What’s stopping you?

Dr. Shoeta

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