10 Best Rain Boots For Wide Calf 2020 – Reviews and Guide

Voluptuous calves are an asset to every woman. But these wide athletic calves find it very difficult when they are looking for a perfect set of boots.

Rain boots keep you going in the harshest of weathers. If they are insulated, the boots will also be the perfect winter footwear. But for wide calves, you need wider boots that can support your leg comfortably.

To make the search of wide rain boots easy, we have picked out the best ten wide calf boots. Hopefully, they will satisfy your needs and give you the boot you were looking for all along.

 The handcrafted boot is worth every penny you spend on it. This will keep you waterproof with ultimate comfort.

How are Wide Calf Rain Boots Different?

If you have calf wider than regular sizes, then you already know the answer to this question.

The main difference between extra wide rain boots and other regular rain boots is the circumference of the boot. Generally, a wide rain boot will have a circumference of 16 inches or more.

They will also include a strap so that you can adjust the circumference and have a tight fit. These boots will also feature spacious ankle and toe area that makes the boot even more comfortable.

10 Best Rain Boots For Wide Calves

There are thousands of boots out there offering you hundreds of features. According to our research, these ten boots came up.Here are their details-

1. Hunter Women's Original Back Adjustable Rain Boots

This boot is going to be the best protector of your feet on the rainy days. The hunter might not be the best looking boot out there, but it certainly does its job better than any other wide calf boots in the market.

The next best thing about this boot is that it’s very comfortable. You will not feel like wearing general boots at all. Hunter designed it so that it can adjust to your calf causing you no problem in the process.

These imported boots are made with latex and have a rubberized sole. The sole is very tough. It will not falter unless you step on a really sharp object. This boot also features a polyester lining which is perfect for rain boots.

Its rubber outsole is backed by an original thread pattern making it stronger in the roughest conditions. Another nice touch was the back strap which allows a better fit and adjustability when you wear socks of different depts.


  • High comfort
  • Adjustable fit
  • Strong construction
  • Waterproof in every way


  • Falls short on the styling end

2. Chooka Women's Wide Calf Memory Foam Rain Boot

Choka, showing all of its glory has released one of the best rain boots for wide calves you will find in the market. But this boot is not only for your rainy days, but you can also wear them in the winter and other seasons if you like the style.

It is a strongly built boot with a natural rubber upper that gives great protection to your toes. This is also backed up by antiqued brass hardware. The soft touch 5mm memory foam takes the shape of your feet to give you the best comfort. It remembers your feet’s size. But if you don’t like it, you can also remove it.

You don’t have to worry about the fit as it uses Versa-Fit Technology. The 17.5-inch circumference can be tightened with the adjustable strap to 16.5 inches though it rests at 17 inches. The height of the shaft is 15 inches long.

 One can get this boot in an allover floral pattern. The vulcanized construction works as a phenomenal water repellent. It also features a traction rubber outsole that has a self-cleaning tread pattern.


  • Brass hardware
  • Stylish patterns
  • Polyester and cotton fusion lining
  • Ultra HC rubber


  • The buckles might get lose

3. Western Chief Women's Wide Calf Rain Boot

This western wide calf rubber boot is made for the heavy eastern rains that drench the life out of you. The boot is cent percent rubber. Even the sole is hard rubber making it totally waterproof.

The vulcanized rubber prevents weak spots from faltering enhancing its lifespan. It is very durable. The rubber design also allows the manufacturer to print stylish designs that makes it even more preferable.

Its comfort of wearing complements its style. The boot has removable EVA insole. It uses Vari-fit technology that makes it even better. The outsole is specially designed so that you don’t slip even when walking at a quick pace.

The 12.5-inch height is suitable for almost all of the ladies out there, but if you are short, this is the thing you were looking for. It has a 1-inch heel and 14-inch circumference. But it can be expanded to 18.5 inches. It also has straps in the back for tightening the circumference.

 Silicon is coated on the boot so it can be easily cleaned with a warm cloth. You can use dish soap or silicon conditioner. It is better if you air dry this boot.


  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Vari-fit technology
  • Easy to clean


  • Not the best thing if you are too tall

4. Jileon Extra Wide Calf Rubber Rain Boots for Women


Let us introduce Jileons extra wide calf boots that is one of the best plus size rain boots in the market. These unique boots open up on both sides and will fit up to 50-centimeter calves. If you are an athletic woman or a plus size lady, then this is the footwear that will make you feel comfortable in the rain.

The boot is perfect for moms. You can take your kids home from school or watch the game with them. This will give you the ease that you have been missing from the early days.

There are straps on both sides of the boot. They can adjust the pair from 17 inches to 21 inches. So you will have a large circumference. The height of the boot is 14.25 inches. The height of the shaft is 14.5 inches.

 This is also very good on the comfort side. You can quickly get your foot inside it. And when you do that you will feel the comfortable insole. They have lot of room in the foot and ankle side. The natural rubber makes it more durable in all kinds of weather.


  • Widest calf
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Durable


  • Not for the skinny

5. Crocs Women's Freesail Shorty Rainboot


These are the lightest boots you will find. Crocs shorty rain boots will give you the support on all kinds of mushy grounds. The boot is also very comfortable. You can easily step your foot in the boot. This will also keep your feet warm as the boot is made with synthetic material all around.

This is a small boot — the shaft measures around 6.4 inches. So, the size of your calves don’t really matter. The boot opening or the circumference is measured in about 13 inch.

It has a sleek design that goes with most of the outfits and styles. You can get it in 4 colors, black, gray, pink and yellow. The synthetic sole will be the deal maker for many of the city duelers out there.

These are great for travelling. You can easily pack them in your luggage. They contain no buckles, logos or polka dots; instead, it just has nice smooth curves. The toe box is round and simple. All in all, this boot has a pretty aesthetic look to it.


  • Perfect for regular use
  • Elegant and stylish
  • Easy on-off system
  • 100% synthetic


  • The circumference is a bit larger than average

6. LitfunWomens Black Mid Calf Rain Boots


We have another excellent footwear for rainy conditions from Litfun. This boot will not only give you a comfortable walk in the mushy weather but also make you feel confident with its gorgeous look.

The all-weather boot will stay by your side not only in the rainy season but also in the snow. You can go hiking with it in the puddle and mud. They are the perfect water repellent.

Manufacturers used premium quality rubber giving these boots a long life. It has a circumference of 12.7 inches, and the height of the boot is 8.8 inches. The heel of this boot is about 1.1 inches high.

These boots provide the best traction you will get. So, you don’t have to worry about slipping in the mud. The rubber works as a good insulator that keeps your feet warm. You can wear this with a sock, and it will give you the same fit without any adjustments.

This is another of the best rain boots for wide calf which delivers quality with style.


  • Very stylish
  • The best grip
  • Comfortable
  • Real all-weather boots


  • There is a chemical odor in this boot

7. Jileon Extra Wide Calf Rubber Rain Boots with Rear Expansion


This is another signature of quality by Jileon and the second rain boot in our list. It is one of the best rain boots for wide calves. They are nice and roomy and designed to enhance your cuteness.

The maximum circumference of the calf is 20 inches. You can get this calf size with the expandable rear. Our plus size moms and athletic females will love this feature the most.

They are also very durable and comfortable. These boots can be used in heavy duty gardening, long hiking or even in regular chores in the rainy days. The natural rubber gives it the strength to do all these tasks with ease.

Jileon gave it a textured chunky cleated sole that creates heavy traction in all kinds of slippery conditions. The all-weather tested rubber construction makes it completely waterproof.

The shafts measure about 14.5 inches tall from the top of the arch. You will also have a lot of space for your foot and ankle. Remember that you need to take one which goes just below your knee. Jileon will accept a return but who wants to get in that much trouble. So, choose wisely the first time.


  • Easy fit
  • Durable
  • Comfortable


  • The print quality is not the best

8. Jileon Wide Calf All Weather Durable Rubber Rain Boots for Women


Jileon again gave us a fantastic fusion of style and quality, but this time, in much less price. This boot features the best colors and designs. Even the outsole gives a premium feel.

The calf circumference of the boot can go up to 18 inches. It has a strap that will allow you to have a tight fit even if your calves are not that big. The height of the shaft is about 14 inches from the ground. This also gives you a lot of space for your ankle and foot. You will have no problem getting your foot in the boot.

This boot is another of the natural rubber product from Jileon. You can wear this in all season, but of course, this is a specialized rain boot.

Its full waterproof construction allows you flexibility in mud, snow, wet grass and other watery and slippery surfaces. This extraordinary traction power comes from the Chunky cleated sole.

It is effortless to get your perfect size and fit with the Jileon guideline. Even if you can’t get your ideal shoe the first time, they will take back the boot and give you the size you desire.


  • Good value for the money
  • Better traction
  • Spacious ankle and foot space


  • Lack of print quality

9. Hunter Women's Original Back Adjustable Gloss Rain Boots

Hunter WFT1001RGL

The look of this shoe will get your deal half done. Well, unless you have issues with gloss. This is our second hunter boot and one of the best rain boots for the wide calf in the market.

It has a vulcanized latex rubber construction. You will have a glossy look with this boot. The shaft is 16 inches long from the tip of the arch. A person with an average American height should easily have a nice fit. You can also take other sizes from hunter.

Hunter’s size chart is the best. The brand knows its consumers very well. It has stated the size in their chart precisely. You should have no problem ordering them online. However, if you still got the wrong size, you can change it from Hunter.

It has a rubber sole that makes walking comfortable. The multilayer sponge insole gives you a comfortable space to rest your foot. It is seamless making it completely waterproof.

The circumference of the boot is 15 inches but can extend to 17.5 inches if required. You can have a tight fit with the strap and shaft included in the boot. It has a one-inch hill and a weight of two pounds and five ounces.


  • Excellent size chart
  • Easy return policy
  • Great look


  • Will not support 18-inch calves

10. Capelli New York Ladies Shiny, Fanciful Paisley Printed Mid Calf Rain Boots

Capelli New York RBT-4093

It is one of the coolest and most stylish mid-calf boots in the market. You can get a variety of styles. According to our research, there are 42 versions of this boot in the market which you can choose from. Each one has a different look. You will not get this much variety in style with the Capelli New York quality.

You will get floral, plaid, solid, dots, paisley and geometric prints on this boot. The outsole features a rubber that creates high traction with the ground and gives you a strong grip even in the most slippery conditions.

The circumference of the calf will reach to 18 inches. This boot also has a strap and gusset that will give you a tight and comfortable fit. They are not insulated so you will not be able to use them in the winter. But they are superb in keeping you dry in the soggiest of days.

 It has 10-inch height and 16 inches circumference which can be extended to 18 inches. They have no smell. This boots will go with any outfit you choose to wear.


  • Beautiful designs and prints
  • Good design
  • No odor


  • Not insulated

What To Look For Before Buying

Buying a boot online can be tricky. Unless you know the trick to picking the boot that will fit your foot and taste of style.

Here are some factors that will make you win your purchase.


This is the first thing that you wanna check out. You need to know the size of your feet. If you are not sure about the size, you can simply use a piece of paper to mark and measure your feet’s length and width. Then you need to find out the size chart of the brand and determine your boot size.

The second most important measurement for boots is the calf size. Take a tape and measure your calf then match it with the calf circumference of the boot.

You also need to care for the shaft height. Too long shaft will cause problems when walking by hitting the knee, and too short shafts will not serve the purpose of a boot.

Some other measurements that you might check are the hill height, room for ankle and the toe. You can also measure the arch height from the ground.


The next thing you wanna look carefully is the style of the boot. Commonly, brands use printing to style their boots. But you will also find latex coating, textured rubber, and simple plain rubber.


A boot will see a lot of rough moments in its life. So, the structure of the boot needs to be tough. Good quality rubber is often preferred as the choice of material. There could be other materials like PVC, crocs and fusion compounds. The lining should be polyester or cotton fusion to guarantee the best service.

The buckle and gusset should also be made of rust-free and robust material that will serve as long as the boots life.


Insulated boots are also suitable for winter. They will keep you warm. proper insulation makes the boot 100% waterproof. So you don’t have to worry about wet socks.


All the hard work above comes down to this single factor. If a boot is not comfortable, then all the other elements will go no further.

For ensuring comfort, check the insole closely. It should be soft and spongy. The insole should take the shape of your feet instantly. You should also be able to easily put on the boot.

A nice fit is essential to comfort. Therefore, a strap needed to be placed on top of the boot to get the desired circumference.


Q: What is the circumference of a boot?

A: It is the measurement of the largest part of the upper calf. This determines how large calves can wear the boot.

Q: What is shaft height of a boot?

A: The height of the boot from the top of the arch up to the top of the upper circumference is called the shaft height. Remember the measurement doesn’t start from the ground, it starts from the arch up area.

Q: How long should be the hill of a boot?

A: The boot should be around 1 inch high. But for females, it can be double of that. If you are buying less for style and more for convenience then go for lower hill height.

Q: Which is the best material for building strong traction?

A: Among the materials that are available in the market, textured rubber is the best one. A textured rubber outsole ensures excellent friction with walking comfort.

Q: How to reduce the odor from the boot?

A: Rubber boots will produce a bad odor if you don’t clean them properly. Always keep your feet and the inside of your boot clean. Put them under the sun for sometimes for a better result.

Final Words

Boots are essential in an unbar life. You can’t miss out your day just because it is raining. So, get one of the suggested boots that will work as a rain shield and save you from a ruined day.

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