10 Best Moccasins Reviews 2020 – Expert Buying Guide

Are you looking for shoes that are comfortable and stylish to wear? Shoes that will keep your feet warm through the wintry nights, perhaps?

Maybe you landed to the right place!

And if you are looking for summer shoes to keep your feet dry and protected from the heat, then you have also come to the right place.

Yes, moccasins can do both. They come in different designs that are suited individually to warm and cool temperatures. So, you have a lot of options to look at in this area.

Are Moccasins Shoes or Slippers?

Moccasins are very comfortable to wear and can withstand long use and abuse in dry conditions. The line is very thin, but they do look like they could be both slippers and shoes, don’t they? Well, it’s not just you. We were confused too.

But after a lot of research, we have found out that moccasins are more like shoes than slippers. In fact, in the history of the world, they are the oldest shoes to have ever been worn.

They were designed by indigenous people in the North American tribes who had to walk long distances in extreme climates, and thus the design has come to be so specifically suited to sustain long-term use.

The distinguishing feature of these shoes is that they do not have a separate sole. Their sole is turned up all around the inner sides of the shoe and stitched to the upper side in one continuous seam. One piece of leather is strapped onto the side to keep it all into place.

Our Best Moccasins Reviews

You can wear moccasins daily for casual outings. But they come in fancy designs too. If you want them for something like a big dinner party, then read on to find out more information on them, so that you can purchase the right moccasin according to your tastes.

1. Tamarac By Slippers International 7161 Men's Camper Moccasin

If you want slippers that don’t slip off of your feet sneakily, then these are the perfect companions for your daily walk around the neighborhood.

These are the best men’s moccasin in the market right now, and the amazing thing about these shoes is that they come with special insoles that prevent excessive pressure from building up in your heels.

Inside the soft fluffy interior of the shoes, you will find that there is an even softer insole inflated with air. This extra layer of insole is actually a memory foam footbed that cushions your feet at its contact point with the slippers.

With continued use, the insoles will adjust to the shape of your feet and nicely cling onto the angular arches of your soles, to give your feet some extra stability.

Furthermore, these moccasins are made with suede leather; a good option for you if you want the texture and softness of actual leather without compromising on the style.

Suede is also very porous, which means there will be a good airflow into the shoes, and your feet will not stink up the entire neighborhood after a long day of walking.

While buying moccasins, make sure that you get the correct size for yourself. These shoes do not come in half sizes; only in full sizes. But you can order your size if it’s not available already.

You can wear these slippers indoors and outdoors, wherever you like and even hop on air as you go your daily bidding.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Adjusts itself to the contours of feet
  • Inflated inner sole
  • Fluffy faux fur interior 


  • Not available in half sizes
  • Loose heels

2. Minnetonka Women's Kilty Suede Moccasin

Blue, red, pink, ash and more - these moccasins come in all the colors you could want your shoes to be! Made authentically from 100% suede leather, this pair is one of the best womens moccasins regardless of whether you go for a casual walk or for running errands.

The soft suede leather will keep your feet dry and comfortable. As soon as you slide your feet in, you will be welcomed by the warm cushiony feeling of the faux fur.

You will be able to run around on hard, bumpy surfaces and yet feel none of the discomfort whatsoever. The insoles within are padded, so there will be none of that usual disturbing friction between the shoes and the soles of your feet.

Suede leather is a porous element that lets in enough air to maintain the hygiene of your feet and help you to stay fresh for hours.

Moreover, these shoes have hard insoles, which contribute to the overall support provided by these shoes. The softness of the padding and the hardness of the insoles work together to increase the shock absorption ability, thus ensuring a greater level of comfort for you.

Additionally, the shoes are designed to endure rough use, and so they will last you up to several months even if they are used roughly on a daily basis.

If you are still having a hard time to decide, it might help you to know that this brand is well-reputed and would never under-deliver. They have gained trust by crafting their heritage all around the world, so you can rely on them without an issue.


  • Stretchy leather
  • Internal Padding
  • Firm insoles
  • Many colors to choose from


  • Not washable
  • Suede leather chips off

3. Minnetonka Men's Pile-Lined Hard-soled Slippers

These handmade slippers should be a staple in your closet! They are uniquely designed with the original style of the North American tribes in mind. With a modern twist to their traditional design, these shoes will look comfy and nice in any causal gathering you wear them to.

They are made from the skin of moose, sheep, or deer, which are very soft materials that can withstand the test of time without deteriorating in shape or size. The suede gives them a very smooth and elegant appearance, while the cushioning inside makes them feel comfortable to walk in.

Also, they have a rubber sole underneath, which makes them equally wearable both indoors and outdoors. You can wear them for hours outside without fearing discoloration from sunlight.

A plastic sole layering the outer part of the shoes protects it from the scorching heat of the sun. Oh, and these shoes are not washable. You can only clean them with a suede protector and a cotton cloth. So, make sure they do not get too dirty because the stains will be difficult to remove. 

In winter, you can wear these shoes indoors to keep your feet warm and cozy. Faux fur lines the entire inner surface of the slippers and helps you to stay snuggled up inside the house.

As for the size, pick yours from the chart but keep in mind that these shoes loosen up with use. So, it would be wiser to buy a slightly smaller size than you normally wear.


  • Distinctive style
  • Good arch support
  • Pile lining inside
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor
  • Comes in many sizes


  • Darker colors fade
  • Poor lacework

4. Alpine Swiss Moccasin Slippers for Women

By Alpine Swiss

With an adorable leather bow tied on top of the beautiful suede outer sole, these moccasins are the friendliest looking slippers you’ll find in the market. The updated design on the Sabine Slippers comes in 5 pleasant colors, each of which will add more personality to any outfit.

What makes these so comfortable to wear around the house is the padded insoles. These insoles are made further comfortable by the shearling faux fur layering on them. As you slide your feet into the slippers, you will be welcomed by the warm and cozy fur.

These are ideal for wearing inside the house in winter when your feet need that extra adoration to keep the dryness away.

You will also be able to wear these shoes outdoors when the weather is not wet. The rubber outsoles of the shoes let air in the shoes and make them last longer. If worn outside while the roads are wet, the water will cause the suede to disintegrate faster than the usual rate.

However, if properly taken care of, these moccasin slippers will only get better with time. With regular use, the fur within the slippers will yield to your weight and adjust with the contours of your feet, so that they start to fit you better and make walking a more enjoyable feat for you.


  • Accurate sizes
  • Many color options to pick from
  • Padded insoles
  • Made with original suede leather


  • No arch support provided

5. HomeIdeas Women's House Moccasins


If you want something a little high up in fashion points, then you should definitely take a look at these beautiful fur-lined suede slippers. The fur from the inner lining covers the outer sole in such a way that the fur extends outwards and covers the rear feet elegantly.

Due to this, the effect is such that they are considered as one of the most comfortable moccasins in the market.

And that is not wrong in any way, as they do live up to this level of expectation. The fluffy fur adorns the contours of the sole and protects the heels from getting bruised by the back heel of the shoe.

Another purpose of the fur is to allow increased airflow into the shoes so that your feet remain fresh and dry all day.

These shoes are very comfortable to wear because they are made with suede leather, which is a very porous material that lets the feet breathe during long hours of wear.

Also, the rubber base, along with the elasticity sponge, memory foam, EVA cushion, and elastic sponge heels are all integrated together to make you feel as light as a feather when walking.

The sole and vamp are stitched together using the side-seam technique, which holds everything firmly into place.

TPR anti-slip soles are integrated into these moccasins to prevent any unforeseen accidents. Due to the increased support, high durability, style, and comfort all at once, these shoes are truly a great option for you.


  • Firm and soft
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Easy to slip on
  • Anti-slip off TPR soles


  • Can’t be worn outside
  • The suede might get stained

6. UGG Women's Dakota


When it comes to the best moccasins in the market, UGG is one of the most trusted brands. Made from pure leather, these rubber soled shoes really are designed with durability and comfort in mind.

You’ll be able to wear these shoes outside, in dry and wet days alike. Water-resistant Silkee suede leather is used on the outer surface to protect the leather from absorbing the water and getting damaged.

Despite their water-resistance quality, it is best to not wear these shoes outside on a regular basis. These are mainly house shoes, used for keeping the feet nice and warm in winter. The inner part of the shoes is lined with UGG pure wool.

This wool is very fluffy and has protective properties. If exposed, the wool will absorb dirt and water, and become very damp and dirty. This wool also makes the shoe non-washable, as harsh detergent chemicals will ruin the delicate wool beyond repair.

However, the good thing is that a resistant, silky suede leather lines the exterior. So, stains and moisture do not get absorbed into these shoes much too often, to begin with. You will be able to use these comfortable shoes for many years if you can take proper care of them.

Original UGG products have a holographic security tape on the box and inside the shoe. If you don’t see it, then the product is fake. Fake ones will not last long, so make sure that you get the authentic ones.


  • Water-resistant material
  • Very comfortable and durable
  • Fits true to size
  • Amazing for the price


  • No padding in the footbed

7. Labato Women’s Casual Leather Driving Moccasins


These shoes are of a different style than the ones mentioned above. They look different because they are made with 100% pure cowhide leather, instead of sheep or deerskin. Other than the appearance, these shoes are just as comfortable and easy to breathe in, as the other moccasins.

The leather is soft and comfortable enough to be worn all day regardless of whether you have a busy day in the sun or a casual walk with your dog in the park. Notice the double stitching on the vamp, which makes it all the more durable for practical rough use every day.

Don’t worry about getting any blister when you wear these shoes. The leather itself is very porous so as to let air in and keep the shoes breathable.

Also, the leather lining has miniature holes in them in order to let more air pass in and out of the shoes. Wear the shoe with clean socks, and you will never have to face any physical discomfort due to long wear.

Moreover, the cowhide is very flexible and can be made to bent without getting damaged. If you are in a hurry, do not fuss too much about putting on your loafers the right way.

You can just slide them on like regular sandals. These shoe-heels can be folded back without the leather suffering any permanent damage effects. The outsole is made with anti-slip TPR, which gives the shoes more flexibility and makes them more resistant to damages during use.


  • Heels can be folded back and worn as regular sandals
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible, comfortable, and durable
  • Can be found in many different colors


  • Smelly leather

8. Amazon Essentials Women's Leather Moccasin Slippers

Amazon Essentials AMZ18-040

You will want to own these slippers at the very first glance. These shoes come in three colors- light gray, chestnut, and black. All the colors are nice and warm, but more importantly, they all look very welcoming.

These are made from 100% genuine suede leather. The inner part of the slippers is covered with faux fur in the lining. This gives them a very nice “lived-in” look that even feels cozy to look at.

The rubber soles of these shoes have an anti-slip feature that keeps the shoes firmly adjusted to your feet no matter how roughly you use them.

Also, the elasticity of the shoes will help to maintain their shape, and also let you feel relaxed and comfortable during use. The rubber soles give it a firm grip onto any surface, and let you move around with better grip and control.

One downside to these slippers is that they do not have memory foam insoles in them. You will not get any solid support to your heels, and that might be a problem if you have pain in your heels already.

Oh, one thing we must mention here is about getting the right size for your feet. These shoes must be worn with socks, and so it would be a better idea to take a size larger than what you regularly wear, especially if you have wide feet.


  • Looks cool and cozy
  • Made with suede leather
  • Rubber soles
  • Faux fur lining


  • No memory foam insoles
  • Too much friction between skin and shoe
  • Extremely thin lining under the feet
  • Uncomfortable to wear

9. HeatEdge Men’s Indoor/Outdoor Moccasin

Heat Edge

This is quite an elegant looking pair of moccasins, wouldn’t you say? They get their velvety look from the soft suede leather that covers the exterior of the shoe.

The interior, on the other hand, has a material called Thinsulate. This material provides thermal insulation and keeps the feet warm. This pair is one of the best mens moccasins to wear at home in the cold, wintry days.

Another thing to notice is that the inside does not have faux fur. Instead, there is a plush lining inside, which is thin yet comfortable for your feet to slide into. This plush lining helps strengthen the grip between the insoles and your feet.

Moreover, there is a memory foam inside the insoles that will frame itself up to the shape of your feet as you continue to use them.

You should take this factor into consideration when selecting a size for yourself. Check the size charts and opt for a slightly bigger size than you usually wear, if you plan to wear socks with them. The soles have grooves on them so that they can have better traction onto wet and slippery floors.

Furthermore, the molded rubber sole will also act as a barrier against any moisture trying to seep into the shoes. This extra resistance to water makes it ideal for use outdoors. To keep these shoes clean, you have to use a wet towel to wipe away spots from the slippers.


  • Looks stylish and elegant
  • Comes in 4 colors
  • Rubber soles
  • For both indoor/outdoor wear
  • Plush lining insoles


  • Low-quality fabric used
  • Poor lacing
  • Unmanageable shoestrings

10. FANTURE Women’s  Indoor & Outdoor Moccasins Slip-On


Another pair of moccasins that are an absolute beauty to look at is this one. Not only does it look good, but it has the ability to retain that quality for a long time. These slippers are made with micro-suede, which is a better material than suede.

Microsuede is not as porous as regular suede, but it is just as breathable. This means that they will be more resistant to stains and dyes without sweating up your feet. Even if they do catch a stain, it will be very easy to clean them with just cold water and soap.

The faux fur gives a cozy feeling to the shoes. They are perfect for nights when the air gets a bit chilly. The soles are made with TPR, which makes them suitable for wearing them both outside and inside the house.

There is an anti-slip surface featured on the soles which gives them a more secure grip with the floor without putting scratches on it.

Inside the shoes, there are top-quality insoles that consist of a layer of high-density foam, which gives you added comfort by providing an extra layer of cushioning.

So, if you wear these shoes for too long, you will still be able to keep muscle fatigue away. An additional layer of elastic sponge heels will ensure that you feel no pain and pressure on the heels of your feet.  

These shoes come in 7 neutral shades, so if you are a minimalist, then these shoes will have a greater appeal to you for their muted but sophisticated appearance.

You can wear these slippers around the house and feel the luxurious warmth of the faux fur as you do your daily work around the house.


  • Made with micro-suede
  • Good quality faux fur in the lining
  • Anti-skid properties
  • Will not slip off
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Extra cushioning to support the muscles


  • Poor stitching

What Makes A Perfect Pair of Moccasins?

There are too many features to get confused about while going to shop for moccasins. So, here is a small checklist we have created for you so that you can find the best moccasins available without any hassle.


Moccasins are generally made from leather, suede or micro-suede. Leather and suede are most commonly used, whereas micro-suede is not so common.

These two are similar in every way, except that leather is more expensive. Neither the leather nor the suede can survive in water. Both are porous materials, and they allow a lot of air in to ensure breathability.

However, they can’t be cleaned thoroughly. They should be cleaned only by using a liquid protectant and a soft toothbrush.

Micro-suede moccasins are a bit rare to find, but they are the best of both worlds. They can be easily washed, used roughly, taken into the water and worn on a regular basis without any problem.


Speaking of sizes, let’s discuss how to choose the right size for your feet. This is where it gets a little tricky. Check the size chart provided on the website/store to choose the size you wear.

Keep in mind that due to the fur lining and the insoles, the shoes will loosen up with use and adjust to the contours of your feet. You might also want to wear them with socks. So, we suggest you take the socks with you, have a trial first and then finalize the purchase of the product.


Hard-soled moccasins are ideal for wearing in the outdoors. The hard rubber soles will help to protect your feet against any bumps or stones on the road. They are a bit uncomfortable to wear than soft-soled ones.

If you are looking for some warmth during the chilly times of the year, then go for soft-soled moccasins, aka, “house moccasins.” They can’t give you much protection, but they cushion your feet in the faux fur lining within them and keep you snuggled up.


Some moccasins come with cushioning inside. These are ideal for you if you have trouble in the muscles of your feet and legs. Without cushioning, there will be too much friction between the shoes and your feet. The faux fur lining is the most comfortable type of cushioning.

However, these types of shoes should only be worn indoors, or in clean outdoor areas.

Plush lining is made with synthetic fiber. These are not as fluffy as fur, but they are still very comfortable and warm. The shoes with plush lining can be worn outside for long hours.

Top Moccasin Brands Available in The Market

All moccasins are made using more or less of the same materials. The difference is in the technique used to sew them up and decorate them.

Some of the top moccasin brands currently ruling sales in the market have been mentioned below.


One of the most stylish moccasins in the market come from this American footwear company. They make shoes with cowhide, which is an extremely resilient material that can withstand all types of rough weather.

These also support low-cut designs for their shoes, in order to maintain the essence of the old-fashioned moccasins with much more elegance.


The medium budget moccasins made by this company are trusted by customers all over the world. They, too, produce low-cut designs, which are ideal for use both outside and inside the house.


These are the best low-budget moccasins in the market. They are pretty good quality in spite of the prices and also use the right type of stitching, the right materials, and even memory foam to make their moccasins.

The quality is very impressive, as well. Therefore, if you don’t want to spend a lot, you can still buy these and use them for many months.

Frequently Asked Questions 

We know you might have some questions in mind, so we have already answered a few common ones for you below.

1. What do you wear moccasins with?

These shoes go best with slim-cut pants and casuals. If you are wearing them outside in summer, you can pair them up with a casual t-shirt and shorts.

2. Can you wear moccasin slippers outside?

Yes, you can wear them outside as long as they have a rubber sole.

3. Do you wear socks with moccasin slippers?

Socks don’t really look good with moccasins, so try avoiding them. But if it makes you too uncomfortable, then wear trainer socks with them. Never regular socks.

4. Are these waterproof?

Most moccasins in the market are not waterproof. If they get soaked in water, set them to dry up immediately so that too much water doesn’t get absorbed into them.

5. How do you clean it?

The main material of these moccasins is suede leather. So, you can clean them by using a suede protector. Take some of the liquid onto an old toothbrush and scrub the surface clean from time to time in order to keep them shiny for longer.

Final Verdict

Moccasins are very lightweight and durable. They are comfortable shoes that protect your feet from getting bruised, burnt, or frozen. We hope we were able to help you find the right type of moccasins for yourself.

Best of luck with your purchase!

Dr. Shoeta

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